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iOS 4.4.5 (June 2023)

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iOS beta builds (TestFlight) are usually provided weekly (after the team sprint demo). They don't contain descriptions and may have continuous versioning. They are assumed to be stable and ready to use.

What's new

  • Added widget "Elevation: map center".
  • Added widgets "Track recording: Duration, Uphill, Downhill".
  • Added new "Train" profile.
  • External keyboard: added support for new keys.
  • Added option to disable announcing for deviation from the route.
  • Added search for Favorites, Tracks, and OSM Edits.
  • CarPlay: history includes points that were used in navigation.
  • Emoji can now be used as favorites or waypoint name.
  • Track appearance: added ability to set any custom color.
  • Bugs fixs:
    • Fixed issues with the import of custom routing and rendering files.
    • Fixed transition between offline Wikipedia articles.