OsmAnd Free Releases

4.1 12/2021 Download
  • Added initial support for Android Auto
  • User interface update for UTM coordinate search
  • GPS Filter for GPX Tracks
  • Elevation Widget (Pro)
  • Favorites: added ability to view recently used icons
  • Route planning: will use the selected profile after launch
  • Fixed Mapillary layer, the plugin is now disabled by default
  • Added screen to manage all history in the app
  • Map orientation is not reset after restarting the app
  • Improved SRTM height marker rendering
  • Fixed Arabic map captions
4.0 08/2021 Download
  • Cloud backup
  • Added night mode for Topo rendering style
  • Added option to download Contour lines in feet
  • OsmAnd Live updates moved to "Downloads > Updates"
  • Tracks can now be colored by altitude, speed, or slope.
  • Added option to change the route line appearance.
  • Updated "Trip recording" dialog
  • Distance by tap moved from the Radius ruler into a separate option
  • Plan Route landscape: added tabs to switch between points or graphs
  • Plan Route: added ability to change navigation options, accessing configure map and search without leaving plan route
  • New Purchase screen with detailed information about purchasing
  • Added new POI types, clubs: music, social, scout, freemasonry
  • Redesigned dialog for selecting the language for navigation instructions
  • My places: last opened tab is now remembered and will be open next time
  • Various fixes for RTL
  • Fixed issue with units of measurement
  • Fixed issue with sharing more than one hundred favorite points
  • Fixed crashes with Public transport
  • Search algorithms improving
3.9 02/2021 Download
  • Added option to export and import all data including settings, resources, my places.
  • Plan Route: graphs for track segments with route, and added the ability to create and edit multiple track segments.
  • Added OAuth authentication method for OpenStreetMap, improved UI of OSM dialogs.
  • Support custom colors for favorites and track waypoints.
3.8 09/2020 Download
  • Updated "Plan a route" function: allows using different navigation types per segment and the inclusion of tracks
  • New "Appearance" menu for tracks: select color, thickness, display direction arrows, start/finish icons
  • Improved visibility of bicycle nodes.
  • Tracks are now tappable, have context menu with basic info.
  • Improved "Search" algorithms
  • Improved "Follow track" options in Navigation
  • Fixed issues with import/export of profile settings
3.7 05/2020 Download
  • New offline Slope maps
  • Full customization of Favorites and GPX Waypoints – custom colors, icons, shapes
  • Customize items order in Context Menu, Configure Map, Drawer
  • Wikipedia as a separate layer in Configure map, select only needed languages
  • Create your own POI filter/maps with total flexibility
  • Added options to restore settings for custom profiles
  • Full GPX routes from Navigation support traffic lanes and complete turn instructions
  • Fix UI sizes on tablets
  • Fix bugs with RTL
3.6 02/2020 Download
  • Profiles: now you can change order, set icon for map, change all setting for base profiles and restore them back to defaults
  • Added exit number in the navigation
  • Reworked plugin settings
  • Reworked Settings screen for quick access to all profiles
  • Added option to copy settings from another profile
  • Added ability to change an order or hide POI categories in Search
  • Correctly aligned POI icons on the map
  • Added Sunset / Sunrise data to Configure Map
  • Added Home/Work icons on the map
  • Added support for multiline description in Settings
  • Added correct transliteration into the map of Japan
  • Added Antarctica map
3.5 11/2019 Download
  • Updated application and profile Settings. Convenient arrangement of settings by type, ability to customize each profile.
  • New map download dialog that suggests a map to download while browsing
  • Night theme fixes
  • Fixed few routing issues around the world
  • Updated basemap with more detailed road network
  • Fixed flooded areas around the world
  • Ski routing: added height profile and route complexity to the route details
  • Bug fixes
3.4 07/2019 Download
  • Application profiles: create a custom profile for your own needs, with a custom icon and color
  • Add settings for default and min/max speed for profiles
  • Added a widget for the current coordinates
  • Added options to show the compass and a radius ruler on the map
  • Improved map downloads in the background
  • Returned "Turn Screen On" option
  • Fixed Wikipedia language selection
  • Fixed compass button behavior during navigation
  • Bug fixes
3.3 03/2019 Download
  • New Directions screen: Displays Home and Work destination buttons, previous route shortcut, list of active tracks, search history
  • Additional info under 'Route details': road types, surface, steepness, smoothness
  • Public transport navigation
  • New Quick action for show/hide tracks and day/night modes
  • Fixed flooded areas in Germany, South Africa, Quebec
  • Improved import for KML and KMZ import
  • Fixed crashes on opening some public transport stops
  • Removed Facebook and Firebase analytics
3.2 09/2018 Download
  • Fixed crash on startup that occurred with non-latin maps
  • Improve rendering speed issues on Android 8.0 devices
  • Support for the polygon (non-amenity) objects editings
  • Measure distance: add Measure button to Actions in the context menu
3.1 08/2018 Download
  • Navigation: Fix progress bar, fast swapping of the start and end point of the route
  • Map markers: fix turn on/off groups, ability to hide markers from the map
  • OSM Edit: Ability to edit tags for non-point objects and ways, fix missing comments on notes, backup of edits
  • Improve Wikipedia and Wikivoyage parsing, updated files are already available
  • Context menu: fix transport shields color in the night mode, fix additional menu sizes
  • Boat navigation: support for waterway fairway
3.0 05/2018 Download
  • New Travel menu: view WikiVoyage articles without using the internet
  • Wikipedia: new look, active links, images
  • Open Track UI: display waypoint groups
  • Map markers: import of selected groups from GPX files, coordinate input new look
  • OsmAnd Live subscription now includes all OsmAnd features
2.9 02/2018 Download
  • Updated the context menu: show when the POI opens / closes
  • Transport menu: all available routes are now at the top
  • Wikipedia: added the button to open the original article, updated the appearance of articles
  • Route: added possibility to swap start and end points in one tap
  • Notes: added sorting by type and date
  • OSM edits: show an icon and a name of the POI category, display completed actions
  • New quick coordinate input screen for quick markers creation
2.8 10/2017 Download
  • Completely reworked map markers with guidelines and route planning
  • Measure distance tool, offering snap to road feature and saving points as track
  • OsmAnd Live: bug fixes, fresh data on the server every 15 minutes, updates implemented into the navigation
2.7 07/2017 Download
  • Street-level imagery in Mapillary plugin
  • Ruler tool for measuring direct distances on the map
  • GPX split interval showing details of track sections
2.6 04/2017 Download
  • Quick action button. Add selected features to a single toolbar
  • Improved search menu. Traditional step-by-step search combined with the modern one
  • Elevation and slope profiles for routes. View elevation details of every route
  • Contour lines of nautical depths
  • Driving style settings for cyclists
  • New map style
2.5 11/2016 Download
  • Clickable icons on the map. Get information without the POI layer
  • Very detailed POI search. Find locations by multiple features
  • Hiding compass. See compass only when you need it
  • Android Wear compatibility. Use OsmAnd on your Android Wear
  • Topo map style. A completely new style for hikers and tourists
  • Better trip recording and other improvements
2.4 08/2016 Download
  • Quick Search. All types of queries in one search field
  • Car Audio System Integration. Use your car audio system for voice navigation
  • Better Public Transport Information. View full public transport routes linked to stops
  • Other improvments. Better voice guidance, new turn lane indication, and storage fixes
2.3 03/2016 Download
  • OSM Live beta. A new system encouraging mappers and providing constant updates
  • Completely new map markers interface
  • Reworked route preparation menu
  • Highway shields designed by country
  • Reverse geocoding showing the address of a location by tap on the map
  • Better transport information
2.2 11/2015 Download
  • New context-sensitive UI for tapping locations on the map and on other screens
  • Map screen is now launched directly unless 'Show Dashboard on app start' is selected
  • New Wikipedia data, now downloads per country, and with much more complete data
  • Better route recalculation (after repeated attempts engine now suggests a different route)
  • POI Search now supports more specific queries
  • Map data download structure and interface reworked
2.1 06/2015 Download
  • New Wikipedia data structured by country and containing much more points than before
  • Better routing recalculation (after several attempts engine suggests a different route)
  • POI Search supports more specific queries (like fuel type and religion specific queries)
  • Display turn arrows on route
  • Orange color for POIs that are closed in 30 minutes from now
  • Many fixes in different areas
  • Additional favorites backup in case of application corruption or different issues
2.0 04/2015 Download
Material design
  • New Map screen
  • Dashboard with different cards
  • Redesigned My Places and Tracks
  • Simplified OSM Edits and OSM Notes for offline usage
1.9 10/2014 Download
  • Indicate POI along the route
  • Optional visual and audio notifications when approaching waypoints
  • Mark roads as impassable (per session)
  • Support of turn lanes
  • Calculation of longer routes, now up to 500km
  • Added voice prompt for when you turn back onto the route
  • Navigation takes into account traffic signals
  • Traffic warnings can now be announced by type, like stop signs or speed bumps (TTS voices only).
Map Rendering
  • New and Updated map styles including OsmAnd, LightRS, UniRS
  • More detail and configuration parameters for map styles
  • Public transportation and subway display option
  • Options to show road surface and road smoothness
  • Adjust map text size independent of map zoom
User Interface and Others
  • Better interface to download and update maps
  • Better interface to configure map and screen appearance
  • Support Android Wear
  • Print itinerary and turn information
Simplification of Background Trip Recording and Background Navigation
  • OsmAnd now automatically enables the GPS sleep mode service if navigation or trip recording has been activated, so that this continues to function while the device screen is off. Only if desired, the GPS sleep mode service can still be manually interrupted or configured via tapping the "GPS status" widget.
OsMo plugin
  • Login/Logoff functionality
  • Automatically download groups and devices for registered users
  • Better error handling
1.8 07/2014Download
OsMo plugin
  • Advanced Live Monitoring
  • Stream your location to your friends and see their location on the map
  • Create and join active groups
GPX (My Places)
  • Detailed stats / split GPX track by time or distance and check altitude difference/speed
  • Supports GPX/KML import (convert from KML to GPX)
Favorites (My Places)
  • Assign different colors and setup visibility per group
  • Search Favorites by name
  • Smart merge of favorites.gpx
  • Calculate route between route points of GPX track
  • More configuration for navigation (autohide buttons, speek in advance)
  • Auto start navigation after delay
1.7 03/2014 Download
  • Completely updated routing (fast and precise)
  • New screen with Route Planning (more intuitive and more powerful)
  • Auto hide buttons in navigation mode
  • Calculate offline route to the first point of GPX route ('pass the whole track' option)
  • Active simulation in tunnels
  • Speech rate accessibility setting
1.6 10/2013 Download
  • Support of Full HD devices
  • Support transparent map background
  • Show downloaded maps and facilitate downloading missing maps directly from the map view
  • Contour line map files now bundled for countries/regions
  • New world basemap with major roads, railroads, and major areal features like forests
  • Map magnifier feature (long click on zoom button) - Useful both for tile and vector maps
  • Define/edit custom online tile sources (and specify expiration time)
  • Support of time conditional speed limits (Netherlands)
  • Faster search address input
  • Bug fixes with routing and rendering
1.5 07/2013 Download
  • Voice warnings about speed limits and cameras
  • More voice prompt capabilities (street names announced)
  • High density map icons
  • Bugfixes in distance display, GPX analyzer, waypoint handling, planning widget, OSM uploading, https
1.4 05/2013 Download
  • Order waypoints in optimal way to visit all (Travelling salesman, door-to-door)
  • Search street by name (in neighborhood)
  • Planning mode plugin (load/edit/save GPX tracks)
  • New download screen (download in background)
  • Support GPX subfolders (organize your GPX tracks)
  • Delete SRTM files
  • Support OSM Notes
1.3 03/2013 Download
  • Reimplement Tablets and Large screen support
  • Holo Theme (customization)
  • Additional settings for stabilizing compass
  • Top left button on the map screen replaces Menu button
1.2 02/2013 Download
  • New widget (GPS info)
  • Pebble watch support
  • Hillshade downlodable by country
  • Accepts maps.google.com location links
  • Multi-window support for recent Samsung devices
  • Kalman filter for compass
1.1 12/2012 Download
  • Audio/video plugin enhancement (photos with EXIF information)
  • Usability fixed and restructured Contour lines plugin
  • Hillshade packages for Contour lines plugin
  • Bug fixes (suboptimal routing)
  • Distance calculator plugin
  • Audio/video notes plugin
  • Contour lines plugin
  • Bug fixes
  • 'Touring view' map style option with more map details, new road styles, more contrast, and Alpine hiking (SAC scale) option
  • EGM96 geoid offset correction for GPS altitude readings
1.0 09/2012 Download
  • Improved routing: faster, more precise, up to 250 km
  • Introduced roads-only maps
  • Enable keep GPS on service during navigation
0.8 07/2012 Download
  • Plugins support
  • Parking plugin ('Where is my car parked at?')
  • Waypoints
  • Improved route guidance
  • Avoid motorways during navigation setting
  • Dynamic map widgets
  • Lock screen button with logging services
  • Support Arabic, Kannada scripting and RTL languages
  • Smart Route recalculation
  • Direction by lanes
  • Information about speed limits, speed cams, and speed bumps
  • Enable/disable logging widget
0.7 04/2012 Download
  • Offline POI editing
  • Online Tracking option - send coordinates to web service periodically
  • Show currently recorded track on map
  • Direction detection: 'Make U-turn' is indicated and announced when heading in opposite direction or after missing a turn
  • Optical indication of an imminent turn within 100m by diretion arrow changing color
  • Offline wikipedia data with articles
0.6 09/2011
  • Implement POI search by name in big areas (countries)
  • Offline data manager (download, delete, activate / deactivate offline data directly in OsmAnd)
  • Favorite points and groups (categorize, delete, manage favorites)
  • Altitude info
  • GPX Explorer in application (view track detail, distance, average speed, elevation, etc.)
  • GPX navigation (more options, continue navigation after crash, support roundabouts)
  • Function to save route as GPX track for offline use
  • Improve GPX monitoring (filter some inaccurate position and save accuracy/elevation/speed)
  • Upload GPX to OSM community (https://download.osmand.net/gpx/)
  • Text To Speech engine for voice navigation
  • Basemap for whole world packaged with an app
  • Tweak offline navigation (still experimental)
  • GPX navigation options