Using Favorites

In OsmAnd, you can add places to Favorites to save their location and make navigation even handier. To add a place to favorites, just make a long tap on the map, then choose Add to favorites. After that, you'll be able to find it in your Favorites list in seconds. You can create groups of Favorites by giving them a certain name in the Category submenu as you add them. Adding a name and a description to a new Favorite location is possible, as well.

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View Favorites on the map

To view all your favorites on the map, just go to the dashboard, and tap Show all on the Favorites menu, then tap option button and choose Show on map. You can also choose the color of the group. This works just fine with separate groups of favorites.

The other way to view your favorites is just go to Configure map - Show - Favorites. You'll see all your favorites on the map.

You can easily choose the favorite points to be your waypoints in a trip: just use the waypoint button and add those you need to the trip. Tap the button once again.

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To delete a favorite or group of favorites, just hit the trashbin button, then check them and press delete in the Favorites list.