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Ilya: Chapter 1.

We have come up with a cool new idea to add some coloring to our blog! Starting now we will ask You about your experience and adventures with OsmAnd!

And our first interview will be with a mature traveler, who has lots of stories to tell! His name is Ilya and he will share his thoughts and adventures with You! For starters, we decided to ask him about his favorite types of traveling. “We have recently started exploring the North of Caucasus, being more specific, Kabardino-Balkar Republic and Karachay-Cherkessia. And, afterwards, we spend the rest of our vacation on the seaside near Anapa. It is definitely the best way to enjoy the last days of the trip and have some relax after climbing and exploring. The temperature can be low in the mountains and the whole experience can be just a bit tiresome, so, some family members like to sunbathe for a few days on the beach. Time passes and our tastes change with it. The places we visit, our ways of living and traveling never stay the same for long. 15 - 20 years ago we would just go to the forest on foot and look for some mushrooms, while today we set to far and unexplored places.”

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Not only can one use our app in the deep forests and high mountains, but they can also navigate through it in urban areas. The majority of popular places are visible on the maps, which means that there will be no difficulty with finding your way to the best restaurant or any other place in any town. The places that You like the most can be specially marked - just save them in Favorites! Creating POI will undoubtedly make your choice richer and easier.

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Ilya is not just an active user of application, he is a developer, because he uses OsmAnd in practice. So, we wanted to know how long he had been using the app and whether he had tried any other program before. It was not an easy question to answer, but Ilya managed to come up with a great answer. ‘A nice one, I mean the question. I do not even remember the precise date. Years ago, I started using the app, at that time it was free. It was either alpha or beta version, the ones that were the first to arrive at the Playmarket. Had I tried any other app before I switched to OsmAnd? I have to admit that for 5 - 10 years I used, so-called, “iron” navigators. Of course, they were made of plastic, but the name comes from a device that used to be attached to the system and the program. These were the Garmin devices.

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Why did I switch then? If You know Garmin, You will agree that these are very complex and highly-functional devices with multiple navigating functions. The only exception, which also happened to be the exact thing that changed my mind, was the inability to exchange the coordinates with others on the spot. While an app shows everything, it is simply impossible to send your location fast. Basically, one can manually enter all the numbers and send them in a message, if and only if they have the connection. But it is so inconvenient and the chances of You missing a decimal are as high as ever. Choosing the format is another problem. That is why we finally set to find an alternative application to suit our needs. Ideally, we wanted to be able to send a location in one click.

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We have flicked through dozens of applications and programs, comparing them all to Garmin. I wanted to find a program that could save the coordinates in such a way that the data would be secured even if I destroyed or lost my device. Some locations and marks can be important and precious, so I was not particularly keen on losing them forever. My requirements also included the function of saving the file in GPX format, comparability with Garmin and other devices, and the access to our maps. However, nearly all of the programs of that time lacked these features. For instance, Magellan navigators still can not provide consistent maps of our regions, which is unfortunate. Unfortunate for them, of course. Even though Garmin was rather popular, it did not read the OSM maps.

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Even then OsmAnd stood out from the rest. It fascinated us with its functions that included editing the maps, sending location, and seeing others on the map. Finally, Garmin has been forgotten. This is our story. The story that started my journey with OsmAnd. I have been using the app for 10 years now!’

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You can download OsmAnd from Play Market and App Store for free. The version You get does not have all the functions. To get the access to all the functions just pay a small fee, and -voila- You have the full membership! Help yourself to all the materials and functions. Every member can and is encouraged to develop the maps by editing. What is the best about OsmAnd? Its mobility! As long as you have your phone, You will have the maps. All maps can be downloaded in advance in case there is no internet connection. What else? Everything is synchronized and saved automatically by using other specialised programs! Your data is safe with us!

Click and share your location with the community that is the way OsmAnd works.

Stay tuned.


The next part Ilya. Chapter 2.

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