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Remo and his 4x4 travels. Part 2.

Hi, Dear readers!

It is high time we talked about some adventures! Why, You might ask. Firstly, because the weather is grey and one needs more color in the life. Secondly, there is always time for a great tale. Today we will be talking to Remo. Do You remember our last interview with him? If not, You can find it here.

This year Remo has joined two trips, one was to Croatia and Slovenia another to Italy and France. OsmAnd was his trustworthy companion in both!

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“We used it for off road navigation and we also used it to find some nice camping spots. OsmAnd+ was working perfectly on these trips. Even in very isolated areas the app worked well. We constantly used the satellite maps with a street overlay. This combinations always allowed us to found a way in no time.”

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Time flies and neither we nor OsmAnd stands still. The progress we have made together is incredible. By listening to Your advice, we have made an app that users are not scared to rely upon, the one that will function in any circumstances as long as Your device is on.

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“Once in Croatia we followed a road which, in the end, changed into a mountain-bike track. At that point we could not turn back, so we had to follow the track. That was really hard, because the track was maybe one meter narrower than the cars. However, OsmAnd+ brought us to mesmerizing and breathtaking places! We found a lovely small lake, near which we set our camp. With an ordinary GPS app, we would have never found such a place! The funny thing is that after the sun had set, we found out that there must have been thousands of frogs! It was a really loud night after all.”

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Another story happened to our traveler in Slovenia.

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“It was raining so hard that we sometimes had to find other ways because the track we had chosen before was too muddy. With a tablet and OsmAnd app we were able to find a few better alternatives on the spot.”

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When Remo was in Croatia, he found an extremely picturesque place. They were just driving in the middle of nowhere when the sea appeared. The place was so marvelous that they decided to stay overnight.

“We had planned our trip at home with tracks from friends, wikiloc, etc. We had all tracks activated in the app. So we could always see where a nice track or a camp spot, which we had marked at home, was. This function is very useful. One can activate multiple tracks at the same time and see all of them on the map. Which gives You an opportunity to be spontaneous when choosing a route.”

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The stories are like trips in a way, one never knows where it might take them! Remo starts a company that builds off road, overland, and trophy cars. Check it out www.off-tech.ch!

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“In 2021 we will start our biggest overland expedition. It will start in February 2021 in Morocco and will end somewhere in November. We still do not know where exactly we will go. But OsmAnd+ will find us the best way for sure!”

Thank You, Remo, we are always glad to hear from You!

Bye, Dear readers!

See You soon!


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